Izaac Zwerver

Gif FC: Dominik @ Suicide Room (Jakub Gierszal)

Still Picture FC: Vasiliy Makarov

Age: 317, physically 23. Born November 23rd.

Ethnicity: From Kingdom Of Nederlands / Dutch

Orientation: Whoever the hell he pleases.

Physique: 6’2 || Slim build || Pale with raven black hair that only makes him seem even lighter || Nails are usually painted black || Deep red eyes, rimmed black ||


A morbid man, an addicting soul. He’ll use his looks to his advantage to draw you in, offering a smile so sickeningly fake but appears to be just as equally sincere. Izaac caries more traits of a Lectoblix, what with his strong desire for blood and using looks to lure victims, but in all honesty he is simply a dream catching vampire who craves blood more than their thoughts. It is unknown to others of his kind as to why he is this way, nor do they care to know. Even if they did, he would not allow them near.

Reason being, Izaac is a very independent person. He lived alone in a shabby old place that he fixed up; no pets, no friends, no roommate… Nothing to keep him company. And that is how he enjoys it. But every so often he’ll go lurking through the streets in a victim that would be used for more indecent reasons verses the usual blood hunt. What young, handsome male wouldn’t? We all need our fair share lust, after all.

When such an encounter is made, or one done so accidentally, the Narcoblix will pose as a kind lad who is simply out on a stroll. Flattery will more than likely be thrown into the conversation, as well as other praise. Often times these people become close to him and befriend him, of course without knowing they have now been incorporated into his meal. Though they will not die if preyed on, nor will they come like Izaac. But simply, they will get sick and go into a deep slumber, their dreams and every thought being absorbed along with the crimson liquid that lays beneath his piercingly sharp fangs.